Another Shepherd release!



* #8093 - Tesla data representation

We can now show the battery status of a Tesla in Shepherd in the new 'EV' tab:



* The table in Inventory > Hardware can now be sorted by Allocation

* #8369 Customer receives since 29/3 no weekly even though it is sent (week 13 the recieved and was sent by my mail and week 14 and further are sent by Shepherd)

Inputing multiple addresses with ','  caused problems with sending mails

* #8389 KPI scoreincoorect in weekly update

Provide a meaningful error when no drivers exist

* #8386 - Sorting issue in Templated Report "Weekly Report" Portrait, Landscape

In some situations, sorting did not work properly. This has been fixed.


* #8214 - fixed wrong group-by in two queries + removed some commented code

* #73019 - infrastructure to grab timeseries data about instance health [ for Infographic ]

* Various fixes and tweaks to the Shift Webservice that Taxi Planning software connects to

* Various fixes to the new Munic parser

And several small other fixes.