A lot has happened in Shepherd since last release!

Management Report:

management report.png


We have added another Templated Report: The Monthly Management Report!

New here is that it shows an overview of how a company did in a nice compact form:

* #7331 Implement summary page

*  #7334: Implement driver risk category page

New here is also a risk analysis overview:


Show speed on Map:

The route on the map is now color-coded according to speed, and you can see the actual speed with a popup:

speed on map.png


* #7843 Find a GMaps-compatible way of displaying speed information on trips

* Optimize trip retrieval on map

* Better km/h window triggering

* Localized km/h string


* Revert "Revert "#6715 spec: Add update function to driver importer to add e-mail addresses""

Back end:

* #7945 - added sp_upd_scores_weights_epsilon

* #7999 - integrate sp_upd_scores_weights_epsilon into ETL

* #7993 Raise speed filter to 250 km/h and test results

* #7842 Extend AJAX call to include speed information

* #8116 Remove shepherd_id from dim tables, mappers, models, controllers [tech friday]

* Include connector for Tesla Model S API [tech friday]

* Include connector for OpenStreetMap Overpass API

* Fix shift service to allow non-trimmed driver names

And various other small fixes